Vegan Chocolate Cake

Three layers of vegan chocolate sponge filled with sweet & rich vegan chocolate ganache. Decorated with vegan ganache, hand crafted chocolates and cocoa powder.

Vegan Cheese Cake

A rich nutty taste of baked cheese cake for vegan even gluten free. Hand-Kraft oats and almond biscuit crumbles are the perfect matching to the cheese cake.

Kids Cake II Design II

Rich chocolate mud cake made with premium French chocolate. Decorated with donuts and cookies.

Kids Cake I Design I

Chocolate sponge filled with rich & smooth chocolate ganache. Decorated with kid’s favourite chocolates and jellies on top.

Trio Chocolate Mousse Gateau

A silky smooth, rich three different chocolate mousses; dark , milk and white chocolate mousses are beautifully layered on a chocolate sponge base. Decorated with shiny mirror glaze and chocolate decoration.

Tiramisu Log

An Italian style cream cheese cake filled with cream cheese mixture. Richen flavor with Irish coffee liqueur. Topped with cocoa powder.