Mont Blanc

Premium chocolate Chantilly cream mixed with sweetened chestnuts cream is placed between our lightest, crispiest, airiest Gateau Choux pasty.

Feather on Strawberry

Creamy strawberry mousse and chocolate mousse is on chocolate sponge and coated with red chocolate spray. Highlighted with white chocolate feather & dark chocolate decoration.

Petit Cream Strawberry Mousse

Two different strawberry mousses- creamy strawberry with pink chocolate spray & fruity strawberry mousse with pink glaze is on white sponge with lychee & raspberry jelly. Decorated with coloured white chocolate card and a gold flake.

Petit Caramel Mousse

Caramel mousse and chestnut mousse is on white sponge and coated with yellow chocolate spray. Finish with hand crafted chocolate and a gold flake.

Petit Lychee Mousse

Luscious lychee mousse and raspberry jelly is on a white sponge base. Covered with shiny red glaze. Decorated with logo chocolate.

Petit Chocolate Delight

Layers of chocolate mousse, chocolate chantilly cream and praline chocolate coated cereals are beautifully placed on an almond sponge base. Finished with a hand crafted chocolate and a gold flake.

Petit Chocolate Mousse

Mandarin jelly is beautifully placed inside the rich chocolate mousse on a chocolate sponge. Yellow chocolate sprayed chocolate mousse on top.

Petit Mango Mousse

Mango mousse and passionfruit jelly on white sponge is coated with yellow glaze. White chocolate mousse topped with coconut macaron, white chocolate and a gold flake.

Petit Passion fruit & Mango

Mango jelly is placed inside the rich passionfruit mousse on a white sponge base. Finished with sprayed yellow chocolate and hand crafted chocolates.

Petit Praline Mousse

Highly flavoured praline mousse on a chocolate sponge base. Chocolate coated cereal inside and finished with praline chocolate glaze, macarons and chocolate decorations.