Mini Strawberry Tiramisu

Strawberry mousse collaborated with our special Tiramisu mousse are beautifully spread over a white sponge base. Decorated with mirror glaze and hand crafted white chocolate.

Mini Trio Chocolate Mousse

A silky smooth, rich three different chocolate mousses; dark , milk and white chocolate mousses are beautifully layered on a chocolate sponge base. Decorated with shiny mirror glaze and chocolate decoration.

Mini Chestnut Mousse

Chestnut mousse and caramel mousse are beautifully layered on an white sponge base. Finished with chestnut fresh cream on the top. Premium hand crafted chocolate covers around the cake and decorated with meringue and mirror glaze.

Mini Mango Mousse

A highly pleasant taste of passion fruit jelly and dacquoise are covered by premium mango mousse on a white sponge base. Finished with yellow chocolate sprayed, mango glazes and mirror glazes.

Mini Praline Mousse Tower

Four layers of dacquoise, filled with almond praline mousse and chocolate chantilly cream. Chocolate ganache covers the top and finished with cocoa powder.