Kumara Fresh Cream Log

Three layers of delicate sponge filled with our special golden kumara cream. Decorated with crumbles of sponge and almond slices.

Chocolate Mousse Log Chocolate Mousse Log

Fabulously rich chocolate mousse made with French chocolate on chocolate sponge base. Topped with a superb glossy chocolate.

Chocolate Mud Log

Rich chocolate mud cake, made with premium French milk and dark chocolate. Coated with chocolate ganache icing.

Cookies & Cream Cheese Log

Two layers of delicate sponge filled with premium cream cheese and Oreo cookie crumbles, and also topped with cookie crumbles.

Green Tea Tiramisu Log

Two layers of delicate green tea sponge with green tea tiramisu. Topped with Green tea powder.

Mango Mousse Log

Two layers of delicate sponge and mango mousse made with French mango puree. Layered of Passion fruit jelly in the middle and topped with mango puree and mirror glaze.

Opera Log

Premium rich dark chocolate cake, filled with French chocolate ganache cream.

Tiramisu Log

An Italian style cream cheese cake filled with cream cheese mixture. Richen flavor with Irish coffee liqueur. Topped with cocoa powder.

Walnut Coffee Log

Three exotic layers of chopped walnuts, cherries, raisins, dates & sponge, filled with coffee cream.