cake, baked cheese cake

Baked Cheese Gateau

A soft sponge cake with a rich cheese flavor. Apricot glaze on the top.

cake, black forest

Black Forest Gateau

Chocolate sponge smothered in fresh cream and dark cherries, topped with shaved French chocolate and maraschino cherries.

slice 6.20- black forest

Black Forest Slice

A piece of Black Forest Gateau. Fluffy chocolate sponge smoothed in fresh cream and dark cherries, topped with shavings of French chocolate and maraschino cherries.

cake, blueberry yoghurt

Blueberry Yoghurt Fresh Cream Gateau

Delicate sponge filled with our special Blueberry Yoghurt fresh cream and fruits. Beautifully finished with blueberry powder and chocolate decorations.

cake, wedding 3 tiers

Bridge (Wedding) Cake with Fresh Roses

Each tier consist of layered sponge filled with mixed fruits and fresh cream. Decorated with fresh roses. A taste experience that will be remembered forever. * Wedding topper is not included.

cake, wedding cake, bridge cake

Bridge (Wedding) Cake without Fresh Roses

Available cakes: Kumara fresh cream, Fresh cream, Fruit supreme, Green Tea Fresh Cream, Chocolate Ganache, Black Forest, Chocolate Mud. *Delivery & setting fee, tray set deposit required.

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